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# example
# PowerDNS
## Description
## Overview
TODO: Describe your charm in a few paragraphs of Markdown
This is a Kubernetes Charm to deploy [PowerDNS](
## Usage
Available actions for this charm:
* Create DNS zones
`juju run-action powerdns/0 add-zone`
* Add DNS address record (Domain-IP mapping)
`juju run-action powerdns/0 add-domain subdomain=test. ip=`
* Delete DNS zones
`juju run-action powerdns/0 delete-zone`
* Delete a domain-IP mapping
`juju run-action powerdns/0 delete-domain subdomain=test.`
TODO: Provide high-level usage, such as required config or relations
## Setup Juju & MicroK8s
If you don't have MicroK8s and Juju installed executing the following commands:
## Developing
sudo snap install juju --classic
sudo snap install microk8s --classic
juju bootstrap microk8s
Create and activate a virtualenv with the development requirements:
# Building & deploying
virtualenv -p python3 venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
git clone
cd hackfest-11-powerdns/juju-cnf/powerdns_cnf/juju-bundles
## Testing
The Python operator framework includes a very nice harness for testing
operator behaviour without full deployment. Just `run_tests`:
juju add-model powerdns
juju deploy --verbose /path/to/bundle.yaml
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