Commit 9a98ab5f authored by Gijs Van Laer's avatar Gijs Van Laer
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......@@ -34,6 +34,18 @@ Sign:
final Signature sigma = CLSign.sign(messages, keyPair);
Sign Blind:
final Element commitment = CLSign.commit(messages, keyPair.getPk());
final Signature sigma = CLSign.signBlind(commitment, keyPair);
Sign Partially Blind:
final Element partialCommitment = CLSign.partialCommit(messages.subList(0, messageSize - 2), keyPair.getPk());
final Signature sigma = CLSign.signPartiallyBlind(messages.subList(messageSize - 2, messageSize), partialCommitment, keyPair);
CLSign.verify(messages, sigma, keyPair.getPk());
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